Pro Shad Spin Kit - 49pc

Pro Shad Spin Kit - 49pc - Everything you need! The Pro Shad Spin is a proven fish catcher throughout the water column. From casting to surface breakers to dragging the bottom for lethargic winter time fish, the Pro Shad Spin can get it done. You get all eight colors- Chartreuse Shad, American Shad, Chartreuse Back, Blue Chartreuse, Silver Shad, Peacock, Pearl, and Pearl AYU. Add the Plano Box and four of our best bodies, and you have a winning combo- Two ten counts of Crazy Shads in Reel Shad and Chartreuse Shine along with two ten counts of Minnow Shads in American Shad and Pearl. Pick your size from 1/4oz to 3/4oz. Enlarge the photo to see the inside of the kit.

Pro Shad Spin Kit  - 49pc
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